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Crushing On This Beaut This Wednesday :)

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Crushing On This Beaut This Wednesday :)

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Ladies,it’s Wednesday you know how we do huh? it’s our day. So today,let us crush on this beau…Amina Mohamed,current CS of education. Now, this pretty woman is a great woman. Of all those years in the lime light, no scandals,no drama just moves. From foreign affairs to Cs Education.

Born on 5th October 1961,she is a somali Diplomat and lawyer.

What you probabably don’t know about her is that:

She is the first woman to have held the position of Foreign Minister(Cabinet Secretary) of Kenya, she was also the first woman to have chaired the governing General Council of the World Trade Organization, the Dispute Settlement Body, the International Organization for Migration as well as President of the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime.

Ladies this woman has definitely paved way for majority of us. Through her,we have gotten to believe that we as women can flourish in whatever field carreer lands us.

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