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Thursday Nite Live featuring Nick Kosovo


Thursday Nite Live featuring Nick Kosovo

Thursday Nite Live featuring Nick Kosovo
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Date : Thursday 15th May 2014
Venue : Choices
Time : 8pm to 11 pm
Entry free

Originally from Kinshasa in the Congo at a young age he followed his mum to the church and became enraptured by music and began playing Congas in the church choir

As a youth he joined a neighborhood group JBL musica as a singer and after high school progressed to joining AFRO SOUKUS of zicco man in Kinshasa [MATETE] He later joined Pascal Poba a talented songwriter on a tour of DRC, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Following that tour Kosovo met some promoters from Tanzania who asked him to join their group Diamond Sound in Dar es Salaam.

In 2002 he was invited by a group basd in Nairobi called INTERNATIONAL EDEN MUSICA to record an album in Samawati studio an album entitled EL VODO which was followed by a tour of Dubai, DRC. Following the success of that tour Kosovo decided to set up base in Nairobi where he recorded his 11 song debut album entitled GIVE WAY

See the link below for videos of Nick Kosovo,

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