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Summit Seekers presents another Hiking opportunity with a purpose. Rurimeria Hill forms one of the towering peaks of the Aberdares. You can be sure it is not for the faint-hearted but brings together individuals with a passion for adventure providing an exciting and effective way to raise funds,build community awareness and inspire lifelong advocacy. the challenging hikes in Aberdares and a prep hike for Mt. Kenya and Mt.Kilimanja will take atleast 8hours. We shall camp overnight near its base and begin our climb the next morning at 6am so that we may be done early and return to Nairobi in the afternoon. No first time hikers allowed. 
Venue: The Aberdares
Date: 28th Oct 2017 from 3pm to 29th Oct 6pm
Pick-up Time: 3.00-3.15pm at Oil Libya Limuru & Waiyaki Way
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