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Play : Betrayal by FCA


Play : Betrayal by FCA

Play Betrayal by FCA
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Play Betrayal by FCA

Friday 25th September  6pm & 8pm
Saturday 26th 3pm, 6pm & 8pm
Sunday 27th  3pm & 6pm

Venue : Kenya National Theatre
Tickets : Kshs 600 | Advance kshs 500

Theatre lovers, you are in for the biggest treat ever!! If you are a fanatic of theatre with loads of humour and much entertainment then you should quickly get yourself a ticket to watch the hilarious play BETRAYAL.

Your special invitation to Fresh & more hilarious BETRAYAL@ KENYA NATIONAL THEATRE 25-27 September @600/=.

SPECIAL OFFER!! We offer special discounted tickets: Offer advance @ 500 bob by 24th September via MPESA Till No.811120 or 0726524124, 0728130134, 0734524124, 0202025811. info@fcakenya.co.ke. TICKETS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE AT ALLIANCE FRANCAISE, ASSANANDS MUSIC STORE (8TO8SHOPPING MALL, NEXT TO JAZZ BAR), METZ PHOTOSHOP

We proudly welcome you to our first performance at the Kenya National Theatre. Kindly come and experience with us this wonderful auditorium. To celebrate with us this historical and life changing experience, please purchase a ticket at your convenience for this: Fresh & more hilarious BETRAYAL@ KENYA NATIONAL THEATRE: Fri 25th 6 & 8pm, Sat-3,6 & 8pm, Sun 3 & 6pm

EXTREMELY HILARIOUS SHOW with more life lessons. Come and witness this beautiful show at the Kenyan version of Broadway, the New glittering ultra modern Kenya National Theatre opened slightly more than a week ago.

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