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PAWASalon XXXVII on ‘Writing and Activism’ with David G Maillu


PAWASalon XXXVII on ‘Writing and Activism’ with David G Maillu

PAWASalon XXXVII on 'Writing and Activism' with David G Maillu
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On Thursday the 25th of June 2015, PAWA 254 invites you to a PAWASalon on ‘Writing and Activism’ with author David G Maillu from 6pm.

PAWASalon is a monthly forum that gives a professional/pioneer in a creative industry a platform to share with other professionals, students and enthusiast hands-on skills knowledge and insight into their creative industry of work.


With more than forty titles, David G. Maillu is not only Kenya’s most prolific writer but also the favorite author of the average reader in the country. The success of the novels sparked controversy over their effect on the morality of the youth, but there was no doubt that an important popular writer had arrived on Kenya’s literary scene.

Read more about the author on his website here: http://www.davidgmaillu.com/

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