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Live at The Elephant featuring KIU & Juliani


Live at The Elephant featuring KIU & Juliani

Live at The Elephant featuring KIU & Juliani
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Friday 26th June 2015
Venue : The Elephant, No.3 Kanjata Road, Off James Gichuru, next to Msongari School
Time : 8 pm
Tickets : Advanace Kshs 800 (available at Ticketsasa.com)

There are many vocalists out there, but few match the sound that KIU has crafted. The trio is made up of amazing vocalists in their own right, but it is the magical blend that their harmonies produces that has set them apart.

Tracy, Rosa and Pauline met at Sauti Academy where they had all enrolled to develop their craft. It was at this school that they were encouraged to “band up” as their voices sounded heavenly together. At first they were skeptical, but the more they sang for people, the more the people’s unadulterated reactions fortified the feedback they had been given about forging a common destiny as a unit. Thus KIU was formed.

KIU is the Swahili name for thirst, and encapsulates the desire these ladies have to succeed at music. Their debut offering Mwanake was well received, an ode to love that showcases these ladies’ dulcet tones and songwriting abilities.

Their influences include Brenda Fassie, Miriam Makeba, Asa, Tshala Mwana, Mbilia Bel, Sauti Sol, Dela, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Neema Ntalel, Eric Wainaina, and Dan Chizi Aceda.

HipHop heartthrob Juliani needs no introduction. His signature dreads and gravity defying jumps on stage are only the tip of this iceberg. His lyrics are clever and poignant, drawing listeners to deep truths through a tapestry woven with magnificent mastery of Sheng.

Juliani has caused a stir since he first broke into the scene, standing out as a gospel lyricist that speaks to the masses. His Kama Si Sisi Movement is predicated upon self-reliance, and echos President Barrack Obama’s words “we are the ones we have been searching for; we are the change we seek.”

Juliani is passionate about the youth of Africa, about unlocking potential, about climate change and about agriculture. He used his immense influence as a potent platform with which to highlight these and a myriad of other issues. He has spoken out again corruption, bad governance and injustice, using music and talks to call to light these vices.

Not one to preach water and drink wine, he has traversed this nation taking his gospel to all and sundry.
Catch these two acts on the 26th of June 2015 on our podium.

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