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Je Vous Aime Aussi


Je Vous Aime Aussi

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Je Vous Aime Aussi

Thursday 17th July, 2014
Venue : Michael Joseph Centre
Entry : Adults kshs 1000 | Kids kshs 500

“Je vous aime aussi” is a dance piece about love. Everybody wants to love and be loved in equal measure. They say love is blind but certainly the society isn’t. In “je vous aime aussi” 5 dancers; 2 “physically challenged” and 3 “able bodied” share the stage to narrate a story about love between the “physically challenged” people and the “able bodied” people to tackle the stigma and or judgment that comes between this kind of relationships. “physically challenged” people will more often than not find it hard to confess their feelings to the “able bodied” for the obvious reason of rejection due to their disability.

  On the other hand, the “able bodied” people find it hard and maybe uncomfortable due to the judgment they are likely to face from friends and family alike, perhaps asking themselves a rhetoric question of – what their friends and family will think or say when he/she introduces this partner who’s blind, deaf, on a wheelchair or on crutches; what will their reaction be?

I love you” is an incomplete sentence, only complete when responded to with “I love you too” or “je vous aime aussi”

Dalmas Otieno

Dalmas Otieno (Pamoja dance group)
Sarah Huygens (KPAG)
Billy Owino (KPAG)
Beatrice Maina (Pamoja dance group)
Colin Brian Odhiambo (KPAG)

For more info/booking contact:
Dalmas: 0736-726 808/ 0721-956 663
Joseph: 0733-815 621
Billy: 0717-296 512
Lawi: 0713-017 597
Email: dalmasotienoh@yahoo.com

Part of the proceedings from this performance will go towards supporting our organization to provide physiotherapy and nutritious meals to special needs children in Kibera.


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