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#FatumasVoice – Daddy “issues”


#FatumasVoice – Daddy “issues”

#FatumasVoice daddy issues
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Date : Friday 16th may  2014
Venue : PAWA 254
Time : 4pm to 8pm
Entry : Kshs 100/-

 There is a man who begun a family; had a beautiful wife and lovely children. He worked hard to make ends meet, ensuring that they lived in a great house and ate good food. He was a great father in the beginning.

Not until he started getting too busy, getting drunk too often and physically abusing a wife who had persevered so passionately to be with him in good and hard times. And the children who were once happy, slowly faded away to frail smiles and empty dreams.

What happens to fathers who decide to go absent by thinking that money will bring happiness home? What happens to the men who think the bottle will solve their frustrations, ending up getting violent, much to the chagrin of the once happy lot that were his wife and kids?

How do our fathers’ character affect how we understand life? Have you been through an experience you might want to share? This Friday is your time. Come, let us heal together as we learn from one another.

Poetry shall be served raw on this evening. Maybe the music will be warmer.

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