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Dinner in the Dark- first time in Africa at Tribe Hotel


Dinner in the Dark- first time in Africa at Tribe Hotel

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Saturday 23rd May 2015 @ 7:00pm

Venue : Tribe Hotel

Cost : Ksh 6,000

Source :www.eatout.co.ke


Gizani, Kiswahili for “In the Dark” combines excellence in service delivery with a profound social purpose. The event is a fine dining experience held in complete darkness and assisted by highly qualified visually impaired staff.

Visit www.eatout.co.ke/events/gizani to see all dates and buy tickets. 

Gizani is Nairobi’s Dinner in the Dark, hosted by Tribe, produced by my good friend Abdul Kamara. 

You will enjoy a three-course surprise meal in total darkness, served by a blind wait staff. Katrina and I have participated before and found it an exceptional sensory experience. You are also supporting the bind community here in Nairobi.

Gizani offers an interactive journey into the invisible! Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic meal but without actually seeing the food or the surrounding environment. They will rely entirely on the servers’ clues to awaken their sense of taste, smell, touch, and hearing. The concept is inspired by the well-known enterprise “Dans le Noir” in Paris and been successfully reproduced in upscale restaurants throughout the world since 2002.

Who started it?

Gizani’s founder, Abdul Kamara, visually impaired since 2008, is committed to bring a similar experience to the forefront of the African scene, finding momentum in the fast growing cosmopolitan Nairobi context. Gizani introduces an idea of blindness that is positive and dynamic, an example of inclusion and empowerment to make a real contribution to society.

Why should I do it?

Playing a leading role in the delivery of “Dinner in the Dark”, Gizani’s coaches show how to savor the food experience from a different perspective. The exaltation of taste, the allure of fragrance, the sensuality of textures and the pure joy of conversation and music are all parts of the most basic everyday enjoyment. The sightless dining concept has received positive responses throughout the world, from Europe to Asia, Australia and the USA.

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