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Creatives Garage


Creatives Garage

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Creatives garage is a platform for creatives to learn, network, collaborate, push boundaries and gain market accesibility

Contact info

Phone 0708 752575
Email info@creativesgarage.org
Website http://www.creativesgarage.wordpress.com
Links : Twitter | Facebook |

Creatives Garage Trust is a broad-spectrum, member-based platform for creative people. Their aim is to facilitate growth and improve lives of creatives working across Africa. We seek to bring the creative industry together and positively impact society by design.

They offer a platform for creatives to harness their creative skills, collaborate with other critical thinkers, create, experiment and push boundaries. We have several events and programs that creatives from any sector can plug into.

Creatives Garage have specially designed programs and events centered towards educating, experimenting, networking, problem-solving and pushing creative boundaries.

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