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Concierto IberoAmericano at Treehouse, Nairobi


Concierto IberoAmericano at Treehouse, Nairobi

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First IberoAmerican concert in Nairobi.

Saturday July 4th 2015
Tree house, Nairobi.
Time : starts 8pm

Two Latinamaerican artists, One artist from Spain.
Special guest artist from Germany
Dj Maral.

Artist homepage:
Information, musician’s biographies and work.


Perrozompopo is the artistic name of Nicaraguan songwriter Ramón Armando Mejía Fitoria. He belongs to a generation of ideological and social changes that profoundly marked the compass of his work. War, poverty, the martyrs, the bullet from dictatorship, men and women missing children, marginalization, the church, silence, corruption, children, music, the guitar army, the car and the bus thief, the silent face of so many people from the countryside, the lack of letters and desks, friends, love, disappointment, and the ideas that still exist beneath the cobblestones, are mixed with the music copyright, rock, the ballad, rap, reggae, Latin American and other influences, given geography to this new urban music-tance, is also the result of all these transformations and experiences of Nicaraguans; a lost generation.
Nominated twice Latin Grammy Awards for best Alternative Urban Albums.

Perrozompopo describes himself as part of a new generation of artists in Central America pushing for social change through the arts. He draws inspiration from his country’s civil war, poverty, corruption, church and the overall human experience to enrich his music. “I write about the reality of where I live. “I explore the richness of our language. I combine poetry with music.”

Mejia has cultivated a solid career in his native Nicaragua, Central America and Europe, with the unique blend of traditional folklore, tropical, rock fusion and impressive lyrical content.

Perrozompopo comes from a family of musicians. Two of his uncles are well-known established musicians in Nicaragua, his older brother is multiple GRAMMY® award winning Luis Enrique, also known as “el príncipe de la salsa.”

Mejia chose Perrozompopo, a colloquialism for “street smart” and a nickname for a species of gecko native to Nicaragua, as his artistic name as a way to identify with his country and his people.

Fulanito de Tal.

Roberto del Pino Rodriguez (Fulanito De Tal)
Graduated in Art Education specializing in music in 1997 at the ISP Felix Varela of Villa Clara.
In 1993 he began his professional career with the Quartet Resurrection in the city of Santa Clara with whom he tours and concerts on stages across the island participating in festivals and events such as (Jazz Plaza, National FEU Festival, Cuba Vive, Los dias de la musica …) and presentations on radio and regional and national TV.
In 1996 Resurrection was highlighted and appointed as “AHS National Project”
In 1997 he moved to the capital and in 1998 begins a new stage with Vocal Tempo, group that has made countless international tours have taken him to different countries and festivals in Latin America and Europe.
Winners of the Spanish edition of X Factor (2008)
In 2007 he founded “Fulanito De Tal”, collateral and interactive project that happens to occupy the free time between tours and presentations of Vocal Tempo, training with instruments where copyright songs, sincere and protest ranging from rock defend, country , reggae, pop … to Cuban music.

He has participated in several musical productions:

-with Vocal Tempo:
Debocaenboca 2002 (record Delicias)
2002 A Tempo (Sin/Con pasiones) Solidarity with Nicaragua produced by Kike Mavilla
Well monta’o 2005 (Zoumarecords)
2009 Vocal Tempo (Sony Music)

-with Fulanito de Tal:
2011 Fulanito de TAl (Delicias Discograficas)
2015 Sueños de Papalotes (Independent)

-together With Roberto Carballo:
2003 Let Fly (with Kafé con leche, Today Karamba)

-together With Yamil Hernandez and Jorge Robaina:
2008 Country of Arena (Fulanito De Tal)
Solidarity with the Saharawi people.

2004 Romper el Silencio (Perrozompopo)
2005 Sístoles y Diástoles (Richard Loza)
2010 Vivir la Vida (Karamba)

San Diego del Valle, Santa Clara , Havana and Zaragoza, as destinations to he constantly returns in matters of the soul , where he finally ends this project to shows all the sensations that produces this path through energetic rhythms and artistically fresh , but deep,
thoughtful in his presentation.

FDT (Fulanito De Tal) is a project led by Roberto Del Pino (a capella group member of Vocal Tempo) and its basis in Zaragoza in 2006 putting interact with local artists and Cuban residents in the city of Zaragoza.
Trova , pop and rock in a direct full of vitality and transparency.


PEZ MAGO is the new project of the composer and singer Lucas Alvarez de Toledo.
The second disc of Pez Mago came to light in October 2014, and appeared live in the Sala
Galileo De Madrid. With the production of Jairo Zavala (Depedro), this album “Bailes de Salon”
delves into more forceful rhythms and lyrics of social character.
Live, Lucas often accompanied by Argentine accordionist Alexis Balanowsky a great virtuoso tango.
Lucas has five albums released in Spain throughout his career, one in Argentina and Uruguay.
He has written songs (music and lyrics) to artists of styles very different from yours, as
Raphael, Monica Molina, Clara Montes, Sergio Dalma and Malu.
He has made seven trips to Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, Mexico 3, and by Colombia, Peru,
Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Equatorial Guinea, has performed at festivals in Russia, China and
Europe, also by the US.
Since 1991 he start his first concert, up today, Lucas has given about 1500 concerts and carries 14
years living professionally Music
His latest music video has already been selected on two
national festivals.

Maral Salmassi Dj Kali

KALI is a Persian-born Artist, Music Producer and DJ who is based in Berlin, Germany. Since 2004 she
has produced music under her birth name of Maral Salmassi, but with her transition from Techno and
Electro to what she calls “Bolly-Tech” (a combination of Trap, Hip-Hop, Baile Funk, and Ghetto-Tech
influenced by traditional Bollywood and Maghrebian music) comes a new identity: KALI.! !
Traditionally, Kali is the Hindu Goddess associated with empowerment, transformation, and motherhood –
three things that describe KALI’s music as well. As a Persian artist who lived through the violent political
transition of her home country, she draws from her personal background to form an identity as a strong,
independent Middle-Eastern woman who’s not afraid to voice her opinion. She aims to inspire and
empower women around the world and captures the variety of Middle Eastern music at a difficult
crossroad in which ancient music and traditions are disappearing under the demands of modern
assimilation seen both in the capitalist West and the religiously extremist Middle East. As a Persian artist,
she works to promote that now historical respect for music and art in Middle Eastern cultures and draw
Western attention to those traditions that are fast disappearing.! !
Her music career began in 1997 when she founded the Cologne-based Techno label Konsequent, on
which she released albums by artists such as Jay Denham, Cari Lekebush, The Advent and Claude
Young, among others. After many other successes, including projects on her Art Of Perception label with
Jimmy Tenor, Mike Ink, and Andrew Weatherall to name a few, 2006 brought the beginning of Television
Rocks, a label she co-founded with Fabian Stall not only as a platform for both artists’ solo projects but
also numerous releases by their friends Fukkk Offf, The Sneekers, The Sexinvaders and Tenderlions,
among others.! !
A few years later (2010) Maral’s single Let’s Rock the Party, a collaboration with Hamburg-based artists
Fukkk Offf, became a massive club hit and jumped to number 2 on the Beatport charts. In 2011 she
teamed up with “Die Boys” of the famous German Hip-Hop group Deichkind and under the name Die Boys
& Ein Girl toured for a year on their unique blend of Old School and New School Hip-Hop DJ sets. Later
that year, she also formed the DJ team Return of the Amazons with Melissa Logan of Chicks on Speed.! !
Since then, Maral has been working hard to reinvent both her musical identity and direction. The transition
from Techno to Bolly-Tech is only the beginning and so far, the result is the badass, hard-hitting, yet
sincere and playful KALI.!
Artist homepage: ! !
https://soundcloud.com/kalibeats! !!!!
Kali discography! !
-Kali – Amazon (feat remixes by Swick, Mace, DJ Tiga and Tagteam Terror)!
-Kali – Sahara (feat remixes by EQ Why, Cobra Krames, R-Ash and Banginclude)! !
Coming soon:! !
-Kali – You’ll Never Know (feat remixes by DJ Comrade, Ckrono & Slesh, Chong X and Rude Jude)! !!
Discography under Maral Salmassi!
CDs:! !
– Maral Salmassi presents Nu Forms of Techno 2CD (Zoomshot)!
– Diabolus in Musiker / Compiled and mixed by Maral Salmassi CD (Konsequent)!
– The Kanzleramt Years / Compiled and mixed by Maral Salmassi CD (Kanzleramt)!
– Maral Salmassi presents „It’s not just about skiing…“ CD (Forte)! !
12” Releases:! !
– Maral Salmassi feat. Ascii Disko– Banana Man 12” (Television Records) !
– Maral Salmassi – Get on Top 12” (Television Records) Produced with Break 3000!
– Maral Salmassi – Robot Queen 12” (Television Records) Produced with Zombie Nation!
– Maral Salmassi – Schaffellomania / Hotze – Pussy Galore Soundtrack – 12” (radio play music) !
– Golden Days – Keep it Dry 12” (Television Rec.)!
– Maral Salmassi – Love 12” (Art of Perception)!
– Golden Days- We deliver your Demand 12” (Television Rec.)!
– Jonjon & G. Digger Feat. Maral Salmassi – All the Girls (Criminal Rec.)!
– Maral Salmassi – Victims Of The Super-Ape (Television Rocks)!
– Maral Salmassi – Break Dance (Television Rocks)!
– Maral Salmassi – Natural Fun (Television Rocks)!
– Maral Salmassi – Fire Gem Remixes (Television Rocks)!
– Maral Salmassi – My Shit Is On (Television Rocks)!
– Maral Salmassi & Fukkk Offf – Let‘s Rock The Party (Television Rocks)!
– Maral Salmassi – Dwarf Nebula (Collaboration with Zombie Nation) (Television Rocks)!
– Maral Salmassi – WYSIWYG (Amnesty International / Peace Compilation)!
– Maral Salmassi – Food Porn (Television Rocks)! !!
Remixes! !
– Maral Salmassi – Robot Queen (Television Rec)!
– Golden Days – Keep it Dry (Television Rec)!
– John Starlight – Deep Down (Television Rec)!
– Jonjon & G. Digger feat. Maral Salmassi – All the Girls (Criminal Rec.) !
– Munk – Live Fast Die Old (Gomma Rec)!
– The Sexinvaders – Silent Heart (Pling Plonk Rec.)!
– Nias – She Would (Sony)!
– Leslie Clio – Tod You So (Universal)!
– Kali – Sahara (Television Rocks)! !

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