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Concert: Rappercussions by L-NESS


Concert: Rappercussions by L-NESS

Concert Rappercussions by L-NESS
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The event Rappercussions combines conscious Rap and Poetry alongside live traditional African percussion instruments like jembe, obokano, marimba, shakers, shakere, kayamba, nyatiti, orutu, and reed flute.

Rappercussions aspires to enable poets to define, defend and educate themselves and others towards the protection and development of their natural skills and self-worth through knowledge and purpose.

Being a Hip Hop cultural specialist, L-NESS focuses on Hip Hop as a collective culture of consciousness and its connection to the traditional methods of storytelling and performance poetry. She therefore performs her poetry by accompanying different live traditional African percussion instruments thus combining her power as a woman and the power of music that speaks to our emotions and feelings. L-NESS will be supported by Kuni Mbichi, Deh, Kiki and Kennet B.

Goethe-Institut, Auditorium
Admission: 500/= KSh

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