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Afro Jazz Folk Edition


Afro Jazz Folk Edition

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Ricky na Marafiki Band presents an Evening of Afro Jazz Folk Edition featuring Tetu Tutuma & the Purple Warriors

Afro jazz folk edition with ricky na marafiki

Tuesday 26th August, 2014
Time : 6pm to 9pm
Venue : Alliance Francaise Auditorium
Tickets : Advance kshs 400 call . 0728642411 | Gate kshs 500

Folk music , as many things in life, is hard to define. It includes both traditional music as well as music that evolved during the 20th Century Folk Revival. No one can quite lay any claim to most of these folk songs but what’s important is that they commemorate our stories – both historical and personal e.g. War stories, Love Stories, stories of Legends…
At this Folk Edition of An Evening of Afro Jazz we intend to celebrate life’s milestones together regardless of our different cultural backgrounds. In the same way that people can have a mixed background with parents originating from different countries, so too can folk music be a blend of influences.
So whatever your cultural background ,join us and Teto Tutuma& The Purple Warriors as we take a historical excursion back in time celebrating our various life milestones. Departure time is 6.00 p.m, 26th August at Alliance Francaise.

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