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2 Day South African Wine Course with Peter Tiley


2 Day South African Wine Course with Peter Tiley

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Wednesday 13th May 2015 @ 6:30pm
Venue : Bamboo at Zen Garden
Cost : Ksh 25,000 (includes course materials and meals)

Source : www.eatout.co.ke


The South African Wine Course is your introduction to wine, wine origins, and how to identify and compare wines through taste, sight and smell. On completion of the course, students can take an in-depth journey into South African wine with the Certificate Wine Course.

Event Details

The South African Wine Course comprises two lectures complete with wine tastings as well as an exam. The course is completed through evening lectures

Lecture 1 (Wednesday 13th May from 6:30pm – 9:30pm)

  • The five taste sensations
  • Cause and effect wine tasting
  • Varieties and cultivars
  • Storage and service
  • Tutored white wine tasting.

Lecture 2 (Wednesday 20th May from 6:30pm – 9:30pm)

  • Harvesting of quality wine
  • Winemaking practices
  • Tutored red wine tasting.

Who should do the South African Wine Course?

The South African Wine Course is designed to appeal to anyone with an interest in wine appreciation. This is also the starting point to a career in the wine and hospitality industry. This is a fun and informative course designed to enhance your appreciation of wine by equipping you with the basic skills in identifying and appreciating South African wines.

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