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Jay Z Describe’s His Perfect Woman In This Vintage 1998 Video


Jay Z Describe’s His Perfect Woman In This Vintage 1998 Video

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Jay Z admits that up until that point, he had never been in love.


An old-school video of Jay Z being interviewed about his love life in 1998 has surfaced on the internet.

Jay described his “perfect woman” in an interview back in 1998 – at this time, he had yet to find his wife, Beyonce. He admits that he’d “never been in love,” because he hadn’t find the perfect woman for him.

We think it’s safe to say that Beyonce is the real deal for Jay.

The ’99 Problems’ rapper is seen drinking a glass of whisky and smoking a cigar as he casually tells the interviewer that he has never been in love before.
Jay Z says that until that point he has loved things about women he had been with but, “[I] had never been away from anyone and been like ‘I can’t wait to get back to them.'”
When asked what the single most important quality was in a woman, Jay didn’t hesitate before he answered; “witty, I love a sharp person, not silly.”

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