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Yoh…how have ya’ll been? i have been well…there’s something i’d like to remind each and everyone of us. Ever heard of humble beginnings?and just how much we are supposed to respect them and trust our baby steps?

How many of you take time to really think about it? i mean Heck let’s face it, how many times have we woken up asking God “kwani siku yangu itafika lini”… There are two major things that happened over the past few days theat got me thinkingjust how patient we should be with ourselves and the process to greatness.

Hint Chipukeezy. Yoh if his story is not that of elevation i don’t know what is. From a stand-up comedian to Nacada Director

Bottom line, live life step by tep, trust the process, do not underestimate humble beginnings or baby steps

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