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New Music : Fairy Tales by Jarel

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New Music : Fairy Tales by Jarel

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New music:
Jarel released the second song from “Plus Minus” a couple days ago. It’s called “Fairy Tales”, and it’s available as a free download on Bandcamp

Fairy Tales is the second single from the Plus Minus collection. One new song every month to October 2014.

Wisdom is floating in the water,
Gliding, deep beneath the breeze.
Sends a whisper deeper in the ground,
The magic’s lost within the crowd.
Footsteps, closer and closer,
New heights…
Laughter, fathers and daughters,
There is nothing but time.

Fairy tales will have an ending,
Truth unfolds and life moves on.
If our Knowledge were our Wisdom,
the Mothership would save us All.

Clench a drop of golden sunshine,
Trapped between the roots and vines.
There is peace within the moment,
It’s unbroken in the leaves.
Raindrops, shattered in a billion pieces,
Hear its deafening roar.
The Evening Song will not falter,
the Birds will safely guide it Home.

released 12 August 2014
Lyrics and lead vocals by Jarel.
Backing vocals, instrumentation and production: Jim Chuchu.

Jarel Fairy tales

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