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License To Kill Film Series


License To Kill Film Series

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A film series inspired by the idea that individuals have the right to take charge of their life to improve their community and society for a better place. But what happens when that general idea is challenged and we don’t see black and white anymore but a series of grays? Through a microscopic lens (and lots of comedy!) this film series will explore various factors; be it the law, corporations, health institutions, environment, and protection forces, that make it an uphill battle to become an ideal society.

LICENSE TO KILL film series is curated by Azza Satti and screened to a diverse audience of independent and foreign film appreciators. Films will be screened once a month underneath the Nairobi stars at Benga House on Kyuna Crescent. Guests are required to bring Kikoys or blankets to sit on, and food and drinks will be provided by AQUEOUS.

Khs 500 in advance, Khs 700 at the door.
For tickets please call, sms, or whatsapp 0716 164 656 or email azza.satti@gmail.com, please include your full name and contact number.

Doors open at 6PM
Screening starts at 8PM
Music/Performance 10PM-MIDNIGHT


Nothing to Declare (France/Belgium, 2010)


A comedy about two customs officers working at opposite sides of the border during the elimination of the Franco-Belge borders in the 90s, where French officer Mathias (Dan Boon) is in love with Louise (Julie Bernard) the sister of Ruben (Benoit Poelvoodrde) the Belgian officer who hates anything French.

Short Documentary:
Butterfly Effects (Kenya/Norway, 2014)

A short documentary created by the Young Volunteers in the Environment Kenya and Friends of the Earth Norway., The basic remit was to show a Norwegian audience environmental challenges in Kibera, Kenya.

Waste Land (Brazil, 2010)



Top-selling Brazilian artist Vik Muniz is keen to empower the pickers of recycling in Jardim Gramacho, the world’s largest landfill in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, through a photography project that helps the workers see themselves as who they are and create change in their lives.

Thank you for Smoking (USA, 2005)




A satirical comedy that follows Nick Naylor who is a tobacco lobbyist who sells, sells, and sells cigarettes to anyone who has a mouth and a lung, but his goals and dreams are brought down when he has to become a role model to his 12 year old son.

The Death of Mr. Lazarescu (Romania, 2005)



A cynical comedy about an old drunkard man who is driven from hospital to hospital in the middle of the night to treat an apparent nausea but it is actually something else.

MAY 16
Yacubian Building (Egypt, 2006)



Based on the best-selling book of the same name by Alaa Al Aswany, this film explores the different socio-economic layers, which makes Cairo a fascinating city. This comedy-drama will take you into the Art Deco-style building of the haves and the have notes living in the same premises but have parallel lives. As we follow the tenants we find out about stories of bribery, sexual abuse, homosexuality and other issues that are hidden so well from judgmental eyes.

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