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Well Sorry Ladies,Alikiba Is Hooked For Liiiifeee!!!

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Well Sorry Ladies,Alikiba Is Hooked For Liiiifeee!!!

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Ali Kiba married a girl from Kongowea, Mombasa, Ms Amina Khalef, at the Ummul Kulthum mosque in the seaside city.The wedding, from which the Kenyan media and public were excluded, was held at 7.30am to ward off gate crushers.

It was however aired live on Azam TV, a Tanzanian broadcasting channel.

During the ceremony known as Nikkah, a man goes to the mosque to say “I do” and yesterday’s was conducted by Sheikh Mohammed Karega.

Ali Kiba was accompanied by his younger brother Abdu Kiba, his best man.

The musician was dressed in a black gown, a turban and a dagger — a custom for Swahili weddings.

“I Ali Saleh do accept to take Amina Khalef as my lawfully wedded wife,” he said as directed by the sheikh.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho on Thursday attended the wedding, his first public appearance in two months.

 After the wedding, Ali Kiba went to the house of Governor Joho’s brother, Abubakar Joho, in Kizingo, for a ceremonial wedding meal known as “Kombe la bwana harusi” (groom’s cup).

After the meal, Mr Joho led the party to his mansion in Vipingo Ridge, Kilifi, for a private reception, according to Mr Joho’s handlers.

In the evening, the bride “walked down the aisle” at Diamond Jubilee hall in the Central Business District in a women-only event in accordance with Swahili traditions.

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