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Let’s Do Some Man Crushing Monday


Let’s Do Some Man Crushing Monday

Jeff Koinange
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Hey guys,when last did we do monday crush?been long right? well lets do this. What comes to your mind when the name Jeff Koinange is mentioned? Is it the deep voice,the dark hair,his good diction,his greatness as far as media is cocerned,or is it the fact that his interviews are impossible to ignore?

Well honestly, for me eveytime i hear him being mentioned, i get to relate it to all the mentioned and more. Jeff as we well know, is one of the best media personalities. From his show JKL(Jeff Kionange Live), one could tell he is not a man you can easily intimidate. He also shows his humble upbringing and his struggle to the top in his book “through my african eyes” .

I mean, ladies if this guy ain’t husbae goals tell me who is 🙂 🙂 ….

We crusshhhiinnnggg on you Jeff OOOOOOHHH MMMYYYY!!!!!


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