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Nomy Restaurant: Week Two


Nomy Restaurant: Week Two

Nomy Restaurant: Week Two
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Nomy Restaurant: Week Two

Nomy aims to show the world that the local African kitchen belongs at the top of the gastronomy hill, as one of the most diverse and magnificent of kitchens.

The pop-up restaurant showcases the modern African kitchen, honoring the origins of traditional flavors and regional history with the entire concept and menu completely changing from place to place.

The doors will open at 6:00 PM.

 Followed by the ambiance build-up and an opportunity to dive into the story of nomy with Head Chef Jonas Cronqvist and the local team.

There will be pre-dinner Cocktails built around local flavors, superstitions, and traditions.

 At 19:00 the fire will be lit, and the guests will be shown to their seats. The show will then begin and over the next several hours we will take our guests on a historical journey in the land surrounding Nairobi.

Telling a story that began over 60,000 years ago. A story of why the hunt for nutrients became a hunt for flavors, that became a traditional regional dish. The journey puts us all on one linear line. Flavors and the feelings they invoke, stretches on through time, making you able to connect with your ancestors; To sit in their kitchen, to taste what they tasted. 

We will serve between 10 to 13 courses. All of them will be reinterpretations of regional, local dishes and ingredients. Every item on the plate is from within 150km of the restaurant. 

When the last dish has been taken from the table, we invite all our guest to meet around a bonfire and interact, talk, think and dream. 

We will serve traditional tea and coffee, as well as a selection of regional sweets and snacks.

There will also be an open Cocktail bar with re-traditional Cocktails. 

Doors close at 11:30  


Wed 20th November Tickets KES 6,500

Thu 21st November Tickets KES 6,500

Fri 22nd November Tickets KES 6,500

Sat 23rd November Tickets KES 6,500

Date Wed, Nov 20th, 2019 – Sat, Nov 23rd, 2019

TIME: 06:00 PM – 11:00 PM

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