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Most Unique Outfits At The MET Gala 2019

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Most Unique Outfits At The MET Gala 2019

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So, a lot went down at the MET Gala yesterday.This is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art,the biggest museum in the US. The MET Gala also signifies anticipated grand opening of the costume institute’s annual fashion exhibition; “Camp:notes on fashion opening on May 9th.

Yesterday, the celebrities sure did come to play.They were in their best designer outfits. Amidst all the glamour and class, there were outfits that left jaws dropped.

So here are the most unique outfits at the MET gala.

1.Actor Jared Leto  walks in with a clone of his head.



2. Actor Michael Urie went for two looks in one



3. Singer Billy Porter flexes his wings in front of the crowds.


4. theatre owner Jordan Roth has, very aptly, turned himself into a theatre hall .


5. Actor Ezra Miller shows off some very impressive (and unsettling) make-up art.


6. Katy Perry



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