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Slay On Your Wedding Dress With No Apology


Slay On Your Wedding Dress With No Apology

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Original Article By ghafla

Finally, after pressuring your long-time boyfriend to marry you, it’s time to plan your wedding. Since you are the bride there is a lot of details that you need to focus on which includes your wedding dress, reception, an invitation list and the list is endless. The wedding gown is one of the most important details you need to pay attention to because it’s your big day and it’s up to you to look good or trashy. You cannot afford to look trashy and rusty on your wedding because ten years later when the grey hair is popping everywhere, you will be showing your children your wedding day pictures.

Before purchasing a wedding dress, there are key factors you need to look at as a bride which include:

  • Is the gown the perfect fit for my body size/shape that I can dance and do some flying kicks? Is it comfortable?- it’s really embarrassing when you are in a tightly compressed gown and when you are dancing to ‘mateke’ you feel that ‘krrrrrr’ sound at the back of your dress. Bride-to-be save that embarrassment!
  • Does the gown match my personality? – The dress you choose needs to match your personality because people will get to relate to you as you! Picture yourself in a simple gown and you are the type that is into trends! People will be a little bit blown off since they never expected a plain dress. Your dress needs to WOW everyone!
  • What type of dress do you want– do you want it strapless? All in sheer? Short or long? Cinderella ball gown? Every lady dreams of her wedding and whatever you have always desired in your wedding dress. Go for it!

These are wedding gown ideas you can try for your wedding day:

Instead of doing the common strapless trend, try some off-shoulder!
Perfect for a beach wedding. The dress should be light to accommodate the hot weather
Simplicity comes with class….lace has been done too much. Try something different
Try some sleeveless where you can show sexy tones arms and some cleavage
You do not have to wear white on your big day, wear your favourite color
This is quite unique and if you are a dramatic bride and wants to grab all the attention…try this cap gown trend
So a mermaid dress needs to fit perfectly and if it’s strapless it has to accommodate the boobies well.. we don’t need to see your bobbies falling off

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