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Happy 55th Birthday Kenya


Happy 55th Birthday Kenya

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So, we are  all looking forward to Friday, yaaay… no work, no school, chill mode all weekend long. But do we really know the relevance of that day? Well if not, i am here for you. Madaraka Day,celebrated every 1st June commemorates Kenya becoming a self-ruling nation.

Let me take you back, wayyyy back, back into time…Some history before this day.

Mid 1800s
British settlers arrive in East Africa.

They eventually establish the East African Protectorate, which promotes European settlement in some of the most fertile parts of Kenya, forcing Kenyans out from their land.

Kenya is officially a British colony, and European settlers are allowed to participate in government. However, Africans are prohibited from direct political participation.

A few appointed (but not elected) African representatives are allowed to sit in the legislature.

1952 – 1959
Kenyans begin to rebel against British colonial rule and its land policies. This rebellion takes place almost exclusively in the highlands of central Kenya, home to the Kikuyu. Detention camps and restricted villages are established to contain the Kikuyu insurgents. Tens of thousands of Kikuyus die in these areas and in the fighting and an estimated 650 British deaths.

Following the rebellions, Africans are given many more opportunities to participate in politics. The first elections to elect Africans to the Legislative Council take place in this year.

June 1, 1963 – Madaraka Day
Kenya becomes a self-governing country. Jomo Kenyatta, at this time the head of Kenya African National Union (KANU), becomes the first prime minister.

December 12, 1963
Kenya becomes an independent nation.

December 12, 1964
Kenya became a republic, with Jomo Kenyatta serving as the first Kenyan president.

55years later, Kenya has grown into a strong independent nation.Growing economically, and fighting all aspects that would do anything contrary to building it more.

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