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Twende Girraffe Manor


Twende Girraffe Manor

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Hey y’all, lets see, who wouldn’t to visit the beautiful giraffe manor? Anyone? uhhhmmm… no? okey..

That makes all of us. So i have plan for us all. Whydont we organise to visit the paradise, for a good cause?Here’s the thing, every year Giraffe Manor closes for two weeks in April to allow for maintenance of the historic house and gardens.

Look at that beauty……

Once again this year giraffe Manor would like to take advantage of this by hosting three teas with the beloved giraffes in order to raise money for two very worthy causes: the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and the Charles Wickham Honi Primary School near Nyeri.

Twendeni Manor.

Starts: Mon 16th Apr, 5:00pm

Ends: Wed 18th Apr, 7:00pm

Location: Giraffe Visitor’s Centre

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