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The Beautiful Iten


The Beautiful Iten

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Apart from the beautiful coastline and sandy beaches, there is more than half a million square kilometers of absolute marvel waiting for you if you look deeper into the country. The Rift Valley has so much to offer that we wouldn’t exhaust its marvels in a whole book. Here are some of the uncommon/unknown/unexplored sites that will leave you breathless…

Iten is a small town located about 50km north of Eldoret town.Besides being home of Kenya’s world-class athletes, Iten also owes its reputation for great viewpoints of the Rift Valley, a geographical feature in East Africa The view point is one of the highest altitudes closest to escarpment where visitors view Kerio Valley. As the tarmac road meanders downhill, you get a perfect view of spectacular natural landmarks including the valley, Lake Kamnarok, Kerio River which hosts deadly crocodiles, Tugen Hills and Cherangani Hills. The magically laid out fault steps, steep escarpments and valleys covered with acacia vegetation paint a magnificent picture. Iten viewpoint allows you to see more of the Great Rift Valley than any other place on the ground. In fact, you can only see more of the Rift Valley if you are on a plane.

There are great sites to see in Iten.

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