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Safaricom International Jazz Festival Fashion tips

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Safaricom International Jazz Festival Fashion tips

Sfaricom jazz
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The rains are finally here! And we couldn’t be more excited to pull out our favorite boots and scarves for this year’s Safaricom International Jazz Festival. Don’t let the rainy weather put a dumper to your style. It is no excuse to look drab just because the sun don’t shine. Boots and pullovers can be cute too when styled the right way. It’s a matter of picking the right pieces here and there and bringing them together to create a cohesive and coordinated outfit that will have you feeling warm and looking fab.
So here are a few style tips for 1st Mays 2019 Safaricom Jazz festival.

Bring On The Sunshine
Fake a sunny day with a bright and bold yellow piece—whether a dress, jacket, or in the form of an accessory.
The rainy season doesn’t have to be boring and dull, you could still wear those bright colored outfits to be that ray of sunshine amidst all the rain.

Wear Slim Fit or Cropped Pants
While more coverage tends to be better, this rule doesn’t necessarily apply to pants or trousers. Long, flowy pants or flare jeans that brush the ground are more likely to collect mud and rainwater. Keep pants short and cropped. These types of pants also look the best with ankle boots.

Print! Print! Print!
Don’t forget to add some beautiful African print, animal print or even some of that floral print good good!
It’s all about going out and showing off so don’t feel shy even if it’s a print headscarf or belt.

Dress up!
Don’t forget about that short dress or skirt. Just pait it well with a pair of thick black stockings and some ankle boots and you are set for life.
You can also throw on a warm cardigan or a nice jean jacket or leather jacket to bring the edge and stay warm at the same time.

Maasai shuka
This is a staple to any Safaricom Jazz festival. Either use it as a picnic mat or something to keep you and your friends warm as you enjoy the beautiful melodies of African jazz.

Layer! Layer! Layer!
Don’t be afraid to bring out your African jewelry tomorrow for the festival.
If not that layer up what you have and make a statement.

Tuonane Safaricom jazz!!

By: Vanessa Ndinda.

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