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Dolce Vip Lounge


Dolce Vip Lounge

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Would you be around town wondering where you would pop in for a drink while you listen to some good relaxing music?A VIP lounge that serves nothing but class?Well how about you try out Dolce VIP Lounge?

Dolce VIP Lounge is an exclusive members’ club, catering for the responsible members of the society ranging from business people, professionals, captains of industry, leaders in the public service, members of the diplomatic corps and tourists, among others,” says Topi Lyambila, a media consultant, one of the few media personalities who has interacted with the joint since its inception.

Dolce is the epitome of an entertainment spot with an artistic fraternity that includes but not limited to painters, sculptors, architects, poets, photographers, filmmakers, writers, actors, and musicians among the members listing.

At Dolce,everyday is a special day. From Mseto Monday,Old School Tuesday,Karaoke Wednesday,Rhumba Thursday, Not forgeting Chill Out Sunday where one can tag kids along for a family day out.

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