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Sirville Brewery and Lounge

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Sirville Brewery and Lounge

Sirville Brewery and Lounge
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Ph0ne : 0713 805380
Website : sirvillebrewery.com

Our beers, namely: Tsavo Lager, Mara Pils and Amboseli Bitter Ale are all brewed according to the Purity Law (German ReinheitsGebot) which states that beer can only be made from four ingredients, namely: Malt, Hops, Yeast and Water. Our water is purified to the highest standards through a reverse osmosis plant.
The malt is sourced from Germany while yeast and hops are from UK.The names of our products are inspired by the famous National Parks in Kenya.

Sirville Brewery & Lounge is designed to give you the experience of craft beer freshly brewed at source. We also serve meals ranging from Tapas, barbeques and fine À la carte dining; all washed down with your favorite beer or drink of choice.

A Brief History…
The brewery is the brain child of one of the directors who, having over 30 years of vast experience ranging from brewing and installation of breweries all over East Africa, was inspired to start Sirville Brewery.
With a rich experience, having been trained as a brew master in Germany (Berlin) and a graduate of the prestigious University Of Manchester; he partnered with like-minded investors and set up the brewery and lounge.
His journey took him to Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, China and UK where he designed and selected equipment for the brewery in collaboration with engineering consultants from all the above countries.

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